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Aluminum Plant, Artillery Plant, Pilea sp.

Common Name: Aluminum Plant, Artillery Plant, Angelwings
Botanical Name: Pilea sp.

Tender, herbaceous, tropical plants grown for their attractive foliage. Requires bright light with no direct sun. Water freely in spring and summer, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Decrease water in the winter. Extra humidity is beneficial. As easy to grow house plant with attractive foliage. Popular cultivars Growing Zone
cadierei- Aluminum Plant, Watermelon Pilea; bright green leaves with raised, "quilted" silvery patches; height 12"
depressa- Creeping Jenny; small 1/4", circular, fleshy green leaves; green stems
involucrata- Friendship Plant; bronze-green leaves above, purplish below; height 6-8" microphylla- Artillery Plant; tiny, pale green leaves; flowers eject pollen forcefully, hence the common name; height 12"
'Moon Valley'- Light green, deeply quilted leaves with dark burgundy veins
nummulariifolia- Creeping Charlie; 3/4", circular, quilted leaves; reddish stems
repens- Black Leaf Panamiga; glossy bronze-green leaves above, purplish below

Aluminum Plant

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